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Susanne Kaufmann

Renewing Trial Set

Renewing Trial Set

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Discover the Age Restorative Skincare range with our Renewing Trial Set. Featuring nutrient-rich fresh bud extracts, sourced from the Alpine region, this trial set effectively works to create a younger, healthier look. Our Renewing Complexion Serum boosts skin's luminosity, using cold-pressed oat oil and white pine bark extract to improve skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation. Nourishing skin back to optimal health, our respective Renewing Day and Night Creams feature a unique complex of minerals and trace elements for a revitalized complexion. With proven results, users in clinical trials saw a 40% increase in skin hydration over 28 days.


This set contains:

Renewing Complexion Serum 3ml
Renewing Day Cream 3ml
Renewing Night Cream 3ml

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