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Eight & Bob



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A fresh woody fragrance with a noteworthy history.

The ‘ORIGINAL’ fragrance was created by Albert Fouquet: a charming French Aristocrat, world traveler, and perfume connoisseur.

During the summer of 1937, Fouquet had a brief encounter with an American student visiting the French Riviera. The young student was so captivated by his scent, that Fouquet agreed to drop off a sample of the fragrance at the young student's hotel later that evening.

Upon returning to the States and receiving countless compliments on his scent, the student wrote a letter to Fouquet requesting "eight samples and if possible, another one for Bob".

Amused by the student's request, Fouquet labeled the bottles “Eight & Bob” and packed them in boxes decorated is the same shirt pattern the student was wearing when they met.

Within a few months, Fouquet was flooded by requests for "Eight & Bob" as it turned out the young student was John F. Kennedy, and the scent had now not only become beloved by the Kennedy family, but desired by Hollywood's most elite.

Hidden in a book and preserved through World War II, Eight & Bob has recently been resurrected. With it, came the revival of the ‘ORIGINAL’ scent recipe and its unique book packaging.

Today, thanks to its exquisite scent, beautiful packaging, and notable history, the ‘ORIGINAL’ fragrance continues to be one of the most exclusive, best-selling fragrances that is preferred by the world’s most elegant men.

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