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Susanne Kaufmann

Renewing Day Cream

Renewing Day Cream

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At Susanne Kaufmann, our skincare philosophy is centred around supporting the skin’s natural functions so it can look and feel its best. We created our Renewing Day Cream to do exactly that. Featuring a unique complex of minerals and trace elements, precious gemstone essences, specialised waters and the nutrient-rich power of fresh bud extracts, sourced from the Alpine region, it works with your skin to help reveal a luminous, revitalised-looking complexion.

Antioxidant oleuropein, sourced from olive leaves, and agrimony plant extract support the skin’s natural moisturising functions and make dry skin more resilient, while a blend of phytonutrients including yam and buckwheat extracts as well as oat kernel oil help fight the signs of ageing and the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

A specific mixture of Schuessler Salts supports and complements the other ingredients within the formulation. The salts act as a bio catalyst to activate the skin’s natural enzymes, hormones and vitamins, thus strengthening the connective tissue, protecting and revitalising dull skin while also supporting the lymphatic system.

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