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Sea Life Collection Set 6 Tumbler Glasses

Sea Life Collection Set 6 Tumbler Glasses

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For those seeking a more formal variation of our FRUTTI DI MARE collection, our popular SEA LIFE collection consists of six delightfully stylized sea creature motifs that are available either individually or in sets.

This all-purpose glass is ideal for serving water, juice, or soft drinks, as well as for larger cocktails served on the rocks.

Product Code G-208-SLS-6-IN
Measurements H 12.5 cm • 4.9 in
⌀ 8.6 cm • 3.4 in
400 ml • 13.5 oz
Motif Fish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Starfish, Seahorse, Seashell
Shape Tumbler
Characteristics 100% Lead-Free Crystal, Mouth-Blown and Hand-Engraved
Not Dishwasher Safe
Color Ink
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